Museum of Fine Clothing Store

It is a UWE project, specially designed for Museum of Fine Clothing Store - Nisantasi.

An original line of furniture and lighting by UWE, seamlessly integrates art, aesthetic, sensuality and mystery. With the valuable experience of UWE and the knowledge of furniture and lighting details, each one of the designed product is dazzling.

What distinguishes us is that we evaluate and interpret the products we design as a whole with the environments in which they are or will be found.



“LOGIC will get you from A to B IMAGINATION will take you ANYWHERE ” ALBERT EINSTEIN

In UWE philosophy; world perspective is the infinity of the power of creation, at every point of existent life, kinesthetic seer and using all abilities of mind, it includes a design perspective serving humans.

On the way of future, dissappearing limits for “those who think outside the box”; from brand identity to spaces, from furniture to accessories, from lighting to brand odor, surrounded by fresh, inspiring, uplifting ideas, a design habitat in UWE.


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